The one and only Gil Shaham 31 January 2022

The charismatic Gil Shaham clearly demonstrated yesterday the reason why he belongs to the elite of virtuoso violinists worldwide, offering an unforgettable experience to music lovers, at the concert that co-organized by the Jews Community of Thessaloniki, the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra and the Thessaloniki Concert Hall for the "National Remembrance Day of the Greek Jewish Martyrs and Heroes of the Holocaust".

The program began reverently with Psalm 22 sung by Mariangela Hadjistamatiou in front of an upright audience. Afterwards, Zoi Tsokanou conducted the orchestra at Barber's riveting 'Antagio for Strings', with Gil Shaham concluding the program with a stunning performance at Beethoven's ‘Violin Concerto’.

The audience burst into tears at the end of the concert and did not allow Shaham to leave without bis. The soloist responded with the theme from the movie "Schindler's List", which resulted in the cheers getting even stronger, bringing back Shaham for another bis. Excited, he responded by interpreting a Bach gavotte.

After the end of the concert, Gil Shaham stated that he has never forgot his previous collaboration with the orchestra in November 2005 and that he felt yesterday, once again, wonderful with the TSSO and the Thessaloniki audience, characterizing as a Privilege the making of music with our orchestra, a statement that is a real title of honor for the TSSO.